(G)ruesome (O)pposite (N)ationalism (I)nterdependencies

This project uses a "jute" as a material and interprets through the motion of a sack race game when celebration of Indonesian independence day. In this case, jute became a material that has a history value when the Japanese occupation in Indonesia (1942-1945). Referring to the forced labor system (Romusha) and its relation to the clothing crisis at that time.


The Food Diplomacy: 

The stars and planets were once men, women and animals during creation. Some people or tribes use the sky as a calendar to tell them when it's time to move to a new place and a new food supply. Astronomical legends underpin ethical and social codes. There are many stories and tales that use the heliacal setting of stars or constellations to tell when it's time to look for a new food source or the way of eating.

Kaliwungu Performance Art Festival

Kaliwungu Performance Art Festival was initiated by locals in Mranggen village and curated by M. Haryo Hutomo that invites artists around the globe to present their works in Kampung Mranggen, Kaliwungu-Central Java through exhibition, live performance, and video screening.


Archivethanol: Converting the Past

Archivethanol: Converting The Past History is a speculative project that simulated bioethanol manufacture (C2H5OH) based on archival copies (papers) that stored in museums and archive institutions in Japan and Indonesia.

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